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June 2019

  • Vol. 21 No.
  • Three Types of Five-Sense Meditation

    ven. Inkyung

    In applying five-sentence meditation to psychological counseling or psychotherapy, this paper presents three models related to five senses: Five Sens ......

  • Value work in acceptance and commitment therapy(ACT)

    Kim, Jung-Ae (Neung-hye)

    How values and committed behaviors changed during the six treatment processes (acceptance of experience, cognitive deconvergence, self into context, present ......

  • Value Work in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy : Based on my case

    Kim Jin-ki

    The purpose of this paper is to accurate understanding of ACT (acceptual concept) that is widely used as part of the recently proven cognitive behavioral th ......

  • Committed Action through value clarity : Based on my case

    Kim Sun Il

    The purpose of the original book is to help those who live in the present day with a sense of self-reliance and psychological stability in their valuable lives based ......

  • Five Senses Meditation Experience of Female Single Parent: A Narrative Study

    Ahn Kyung-hee

    The purpose of this study was to state life histories of female single parent, especially her pain and anxiety she had to get through due to strict control, sup ......