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December 2018

  • Vol. 20 No.
  • Research Trends and Issues of Breathing Meditation

    Chun, Jung-Eun

    The purpose of this study was to suggest the future direction of breathing meditation study after analysis of the domestic research ......

  • An Examination of System of Practice in Yogācārabhūmi and the Status of Mindful breathing

    Park, Jae-Yong

    This research examines practice system as shown in rāvakabhūmi, Pratyekabuddhabhūmi, Bodhisattvabhūmi chapters of Yogācārabhūmi ......

  • Healing Experiences Using Meditation Counseling by a Man with Alcohol Use Disorder: A Narrative Study

    Yoon, Mi-Sook

    The purpose of this study is to find out his healing experiences using meditation counseling by a man with alcohol use disorder. The ......

  • Comparing ACT meditation and amatha-vipayanā practice of Awakening of Mahāyāna Faith

    Yun, Sun-Young

    The ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) is a treatment that promotes psychological flexibility by applying Mindfulness to ......

  • The Development of Integrative program of Image-Based Mindfulness Meditation and Reality Therapy -The Effect of the Program on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-

    Yang, Ji-Sun

    This study is a qualitative multiple case study to develop the integration program combining Reality Therapy(RT) with Image-Based Mindfulness ......