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December 2020

  • Vol. 24 No.
  • The synonymous-separability about the Mind·Spirit·Consciousness and The pluralistic healing of mind in meditation -Focused on Aṭṭhakathā of Early Sutta-

    Nam, Ilhi

    In the early Buddhist tradition, the Mind(citta)·Spirit(mano)·Consciousness(viññāṇa) are regarded as synonymous concepts, and are used separately ......

  • The Significance of Vedanā in Vipassanā - The Feeling of Buddha and Antonio Damasio Perspective-

    Kim, Gyoungsun

    The purpose of this thesis is to reinterpret and enhance the meaning and healing value of vipassanā meditation from the perspective of Buddha and Antonio ......

  • Meditation based Feeling Coaching Teacher Effects of Family Relationship Stress

    Kim, Sunil

    The purpose is to focus on case studies on the impact on family relationship stress through MFCT training program. The research method is to MFCT ......

  • Parenting Stress Experience of Single Parent : A Single Case Study

    Kwon, Joohee

    As a qualitative study, this study aims to understand the parenting stress experiences of singleparent families in personal aspects, childhood experiences ......