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June 2018

  • Vol. 19 No.
  • North Korean Woman Defector’s Experience of Healing from Obsession with her Son: A Narrative Study

    Kim Kwang-ho

    Purpose: This study examines the pain a North Korean woman defector who had obsession with her son have experienced, the contextual information necessary to understand her pain, how her pain evolved through meditation ......

  • A Cases of Enneagram Counselling Strategy Programs

    Lee So-yun

    Purpose: This study was motivated by the idea that the researcher had better know and understand the client's personality more deeply. The study was carried out with theoretical backgrounds of Enneagram behavioral ......

  • Enneagram Program Analysis in South Korea : Focused on Enneagram Education, Spirituality, Counseling Program

    Kim Dong Sung

    Purpose: The purpose of research is to analyze the characteristics of Enneagram program in Korea for integration of Mindfulness Meditation and ......

  • A Case of Relieving Stress and Improvement of Relationship with Spouse by Enneagram Program

    Park, Youn Hee

    Purpose: Recently, the number of middle-aged men who suffer from lethargy and depression is increasing. Especially, a majority of men in fifties, who ......

  • Counseling Cases Using Personality Types of Enneagram

    Gwak Young-mi

    Purpose : While studying at the Enneagram master's course, I came to know that everyone has his or her own distinct personality and may be mentally ......

  • Counselling Cases for Habit Improvement of Sunshine Using Enneagram

    wak Young-hee

    Purpose: The study, firstly grasping main and subsidiary personality of the clients using the Enneagram, examined their current inconveniences and worries caused by their formed personality or habits through cases of their ......

  • Socioreligious Meaning of Healing Culture in Korea

    Ven. Inkyung (Kim Hyung-Rog)

    While there is an affirmative evaluation in regard to healing boom (healing craze) that it has worked appropriately in our stressful, hard and tough ......