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December 2021

  • Vol. 26 No.
  • A Study on the Effectiveness of the Buddhist Mass for Soldiers' Suicide Prevention

    Kang, Jung Ja(Chun Ji), Shon, Kang Suk

    The purpose of this study is to conduct Buddhist Mass for the prevention of suicide of soldiers and to verify its effectiveness. For this study, a suicide prevention program. ......

  • Buddhist Meditation and Untact Counseling -Focusing on Improving Youth Habits

    Yoo, So Jeong

    Purpose: It is to find out how the Thanks-Gratitude Meditation (TGM) program affects Youth' habits improvement ......

  • A Study on Participation in Woljeongsa Shortterm Entering the Buddhist Priesthood Program : Focused on Ordinary People

    Shon, Kang Suk, Cho, Jae Sung(Ji Il), Jeong, So Mi

    The purpose of this study was to explore the short-term export experience of people who experienced the middle-aged crisis and faced internal and external. ......