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June 2022

  • Vol. 27 No.
  • Focus group interview on the mindful practice experience: focusing on the case of mind instructor education

    Kim, Eunjin

    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the mindful practice experiences of mind instructors and to derive implications by in-depth ......

  • The Meaning and Function of ‘Meom-chum(Stop)’ in Daily Mindful Practice and the Relationship to Samatha Meditation

    Jo, Seonghun

    Purpose: This study aims to clarify the meaning and function of “Meom-chum (stop)” in mindful practice and to reveal that ‘stop’ in mindful practice ......

  • The role and healing of meditative writing in the Mind diary

    Oh, Yongsuk, Park, Sungho

    This study examines the principles and healing mechanisms of a mind diary, focusing on 'Mind Diary' among the second-level programs developed ......

  • Effect of Reflected Image Mindfulness Meditation on anger control : a single case study

    Kwon, Joohee

    The purpose of this study is to explore how participants in the study who experience the difficulty of anger control in interpersonal relationships are experiencing ......

  • A Single Case Study of Post-traumatic Stress Experience in School Violence Reflected Image Meditation (RIM)

    Kim, Jeongae

    The purpose of this study is to investigate is there a change in the post-traumatic stress experience of school violence by conducting a Reflected Image Meditation ......

  • A Qualitative Research on the Experience of the Attending the Character Education : Focused on the Experience of Adolescents Attended the ‘SimSim-Puli M3 (Meta-Mind Meditation)’

    Lee, Eunsu

    Purpose: In this study, we aimed to explore and analyze the adolescent’s experience of the character education qualitatively and provide the meaning and further direction of the character ......

  • A Qualitative Study on Meditation Difficulties and Coping Strategies: Focused on Beginners

    Cha, Hosok, Shon, Kangsuk

    The purpose of this study is to explore the following aspects of the meditation difficulties of early meditation practitioners and their coping strategies. The research questions of ......

  • The multiple mediation effect of self-efficacy and working alliance between mindfulness and session evaluation: a research on counselors

    Kim, Moonjung, Yoo, Sungkyung

    The purpose of this study is to examine the multiple mediation effects of counselor's self-efficacy and working alliance in the relationship between counselor's mindfulness and ......