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December 2017

  • Vol. 18 No.
  • Encounter Narrative of Image-Based Mindfulness Meditation - "I was Sold at 3 Packs of Rice" -

    Chung, Young-soon

    Narrative basically allows users to achieve its early stage cure purpose, as soon as it starts to talk and make people talk. But all the visiting clients may want to have ......

  • The Effect of Expressive Meditation for Couples on Marital Satisfaction, Factors of Marital Relationship, and Attachment Level

    Hwang, Ryung Hei, Ven. Sun Up · Park, Yeoun Gyu

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the expressive meditation for couples on the marital satisfaction, marital relationship ......

  • Case of Improvement of Interpersonal Relationship through Enneagram Four Noble Truths Counseling Program

    Park, Jin Seong(Ven. Sangjeon)

    This study investigates the case of a client who wishes to improve her interpersonal relationship based on the Four Noble Truths counseling program of 8th session ......

  • Narrative Inquiry on Breathing Meditation Experience of an Elderly Woman with Anxiety Symptoms

    Chun, Jung Eun(Yong Jin)

    This study, which used narrative inquiry method for experience of an elderly woman with anxiety symptoms who participated in the breathing meditation group program ......

  • A Study on the Stress of Parents with Disabilities - Focused on the Preceding Articles -

    Choi, Kum Sook

    In this study, we selected 10 prior studies and examined the stressors of parents who have children with disabilities. The results of this study are summarized as ......