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December 2019

  • Vol. 22 No.
  • MFCT Reflected Image Meditation: Yeomjikan[念止觀] Meditation and Compassion Communication

    Ven. Inkyung

    Purpose, This paper aims to explore the relationship between mindfulness meditation and compassionate practice from a broad perspective. If mindfulness ......

  • An Analysis of Research Trends and Issues of Self-Compassion

    Chang, Woohyuk

    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to analyze research trends of self-compassion and to suggest the direction for future research ......

  • Psychotherapy of medication on the viewpoint of manas

    Ji, Mun Ok

    This paper in perspective that a cause of psychological problems is the misguided recognizance of the self aims to discuss psychotherapy through ......

  • The Effect of a Suicide Prevention Program based on Tea Meditation for gatekeepers on self-compassion

    Hwang, Ryung Hei, Park, Yeoun Gyu*

    The ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) is a treatment that promotes psychological flexibility by applying Mindfulness to ......

  • Public Speaking Anxiety Experience from an ACT Perspective: An Autobiographical Narrative

    Kwon, Joohee

    This paper is an autobiographical narrative study of the experience of public speaking anxiety Experience from the perspective of Acceptance Commitment ......

  • Reflected Image Meditation(RIM) based Narrative Study ; High School Teacher’s anxiety heal Case

    Kim, Sang-Im

    This research conducts a narrative analysis on a transformative progress of a high school teacher who discovered and struggled to cure a cause ......

  • A Case Study of Meditation-Bsed Enneagram Counseling for ICU New Nurses' Stress on Care of Dying Patients

    Park, Myung Seok

    Purpose: This study is to examine the psychological distress of a new nurse in the intensive care unit who has experienced dying and to find out ......