Parenting Stress Experience of Single Parent A Single Case Study

Joohee Kwon1,*   

1Department of Natural Healing Research, Dong Bang Culture University


As a qualitative study, this study aims to understand the parenting stress experiences of single-parent families in personal aspects, childhood experiences, relationships with children, economic and social aspects. To reveal the unique experience of an individual, we adopted a single case study method and went through the coding of data collection through personal counseling and semantic and case-by-case categorization through the accumulation of words. As a result, the experience of parenting stress in single-parent families is as follows. First, we experience 'guilty conscience and obsessive thinking' and 'difficulties in negative self-evaluation and emotional control' in personal aspects. Second, childhood experiences experience child-rearing stress with 'meeting with an unhealed inner child' and 'impulsive to suicide with the companion'. Third, in terms of relationships with children, they experience 'confusion about the change in their attitude,' 'the immature way of raising children due to anxiety,' 'the children who don't follow the map well,' and 'the children who seem to have become an adult.' Fourth, we have experiences of 'residential insecurity and economic difficulties' and 'limi t of child education' in economic terms. Fifth, the social side has experiences of 'on the edge of a negative perception sensitivity ', 'single-parent families have family discord, problem icons', 'Choice of disconnection and isolation as coping behavior', 'life that is hard to endure unless it is a superwoman'. This study is meaningful in that it deals in depth with the experience of parenting stress of a single parent head through a single case and focuses on personalized experience and its contextual aspects to promote individualized understanding.

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