North Korean Woman Defector’s Experience of Healing from Obsession with her Son: A Narrative Study

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Purpose: This study examines the pain a North Korean woman defector who had obsession with her son have experienced, the contextual information necessary to understand her pain, how her pain evolved through meditation counseling. Methods: Narrative study is chosen as the research methodology, and meditative counseling based on Reflected Image Meditation(RIM) is used as the counseling method. Results: Hwasan is held responsible for an incident in the military and defects on her own. Ever since her children arrive from North Korea a few years after her arrival, she endures poor health and economic hardships. She especially finds it difficult to support the treatment of her young son’s incurable disease. Through RIM Hwasan confronts, narrates, and then reflects on her experiences such as the difficult and lonely time in the military and hitting and being mad at her son. Conclusion: Her obsession with her ailing son transforms into acceptance and love. The significance of this study is that this research sets a precedent by examining in depth, through eight counseling sessions, the stages and transformations that take place when counseling a North Korean defector.

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